Joint Cultivation Project Signed for English Major


The School of Foreign Studies (SFS) and the University of Westminster in the UK signed a cooperation agreement on a “2+2” joint training program for English majors in Conference A1510, Science and Teaching Building, Feicui Campus on the afternoon of April 24th, which means a new cooperation mode in education has been started with the progress of the SFS in its internationalization of student training. Prof. Han Jianghong, dean of the SFS, presided over the signing ceremony. Prof. Gerda Wielander, head of the Modern Language and Culture Department of the University of Westminster, Prof. Huang Jinhua, deputy dean of the International Education College, Hu Dan, Party secretary of the SFS, Xia Fusheng, deputy Party secretary of the SFS, and Chen Xi, head the Foreign Language Department, were present at the signing ceremony. Teachers and students attending the ceremony were from the International Affairs Office and other English related departments of the university.

After the signing, Prof. Wielander introduced the University of Westminster and its curriculums and programs for English and linguistics majors. He also answered in detail questions from students and their parents about studying in the UK. The signing of the “2+2” project is a big step forward in the progress of the SFS in its undergraduate teaching work and also an important landmark in its internationalization process of English major cultivation.

Since April 2017, with the support of the university, its international affairs office, teaching affairs office and university affairs office, the SFS and the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities of the University of Westminster have had in-depth exchanges and discussions on talent cultivation cooperation.

Upon sincere consultation and mutual inspections, the two sides reached a cooperation agreement based on the principle of equality and friendship, deciding to carry out a “2+2” joint training project. The project will start from 2018, qualified English majors from Hefei and Xuancheng campuses selected will have the chance to pursue a bachelor's degree in English and Linguistics programs at the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom. It is believed that the project will help English majors of the SFS broaden their views over the world and enhance their comprehensive competitiveness. Meanwhile, it will also benefit the uplift of teaching level for the undergraduate English major in the SFS as well as the school running quality of HFUT.