Assessment OKs Master's Degree Authorization


A meeting on assessing the authorization qualification of the School of Foreign Studies (SFS) to confer Master's degrees to foreign language and literature majors was held in Conference 1510, tower A, Science and Teaching Building on April 26. The assessment team was headed by Xu Jun, a senior professor with Zhejiang University. Other members include Prof. Wang Kefei from Beijing Foreign Studies University, Prof. Wei Xiangqing from Nanjing University, Prof. Hu Jian from Anhui University and Prof. Huang Bo from Hefei Normal University. Leaders from Hefei University of Technology (HFUT) present at the assessment were Prof. Chen Gang, deputy Party Secretary of HFUT, and Professor Liu Xinbao, assistant president and executive deputy dean of the Graduate School.

In his welcome speech, Chen Gang expressed his hope that the assessment experts could give more valuable comments and suggestions to help enhance student cultivation and the discipline construction through the degree conferring program.

As the leader in charge of the master's degree program, Prof. Han Jianghong reported to the assessment team on the cultivation objectives, basic conditions, student cultivation and characteristics of this first-level discipline of foreign language and literature.

After hearing the introduction, the assessment team organized a symposium for representatives of teachers and students, checked relevant assessment materials and management documents, and exchanged ideas on the program. Professor Xu Jun, the team leader, fed back the findings of the team in five aspects of the target orientation of the degree program, faculty, academic research, teaching facilities and student cultivation. He spoke highly of the achievements of HFUT in the construction of the degree program, particularly praised the features of the program in the research of language and translation based on corpura, the process of student training and strict quality control. At the same time, he also put forward some frank comments and reasonable suggestions based on the actual situation. In the vote, all the assessment team members agreed that this first-level discipline of Master's degree program for foreign language and literature majors is qualified for the authorization.

Liu Xinbao expressed his gratitude to the members for their professional and meticulous comments. He pledged that the HFUT would arrange a plan according to the opinions and suggestions to make all the work better for this program.

People attending the assessment also include leaders in charge of the Office of Academic Disciplines, from the Party and administration leadership of the SFS, representatives of master's supervisors and postgraduates.