HFUT Contestants Highlight 34th HAN SUYIN International Translation Contest


Contestants Ping Zhe and Zhao Ning from the School of Foreign Studies (SFS) won a second prize and a recognition prize respectively, according to an announcement recently issued by the organizer of the 34th HAN SUYIN International Translation Contest. Ping Zhe is an English postgraduate majoring in translation enrolled in 2021 (supervisor: Kang Leiming), and Zhao Ning is an undergraduate English major enrolled in 2021. The two students stood out among many outstanding contestants and showed the style of the SFS students on the Chinese translation stage. The second prize Ping Zhe won is actually a top-level one at the competition for no contestant won a first prize, which is the best achievement since the HFUT students started to participate in the competition.

This year's competition is co-organized by Chinese Translation Journal Press and Graduate School of Translation and Interpretation, Tianjin Foreign Studies University under the leadership of the Translators Association of China, China Academy of Translation, and Tianjin Foreign Studies University, and supported by the Center for Language Education and Cooperation of the Ministry of Education.

The contest has a total of 20 items of Chinese-foreign languages/foreign languages-Chinese translation competitions involving 10 foreign languages: English, French, Russian, Spanish, Arabic, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Italian, with Portuguese and Italian as new comers. A total of 32,999 valid entries were received, according to the organizer. After strict evaluation and final discussions, 982 winners were finally decided. Among them, 15 are second prizes, 33 third prizes and 285 recognition prizes, with the first prize for the English-Chinese translation vacant.

The HAN SUYIN International Translation Contest was founded in 1989 by Ms. Han Suyin, a British-Chinese writer, and the editorial office of Chinese Translation Journal, Translators Association of China. With an excellent selection of materials, strict anonymous judging system and detailed explanation of judging results, the competition is known as the Oscar Award in the community of translators. In addition, this contest boasts the longest history, the largest scale, the widest influence and the most authoritative. Therefore, it is hailed as the highest translation award in China. The contest has identified and inspired many outstanding young people to do translation work. It has played an active role in upgrading translation teaching, and in organizing and guiding the promotion of the Chinese Translation force in an all-round way. The contest has long been favored by young translation enthusiasts all over the country and even overseas.

The SFS has continued its humanistic education for English majors. While consolidating their linguistic competence, it expands students' humanistic horizons, enriches their humanistic knowledge, and cultivates their humanistic understanding and critical thinking. The result turns out remarkably fruitful. For many years, the SFS students have won good achievements in many major contests at home and abroad. The remarkable achievement by Ping Zhe and Zhao Ning fully reflects the professional advantage and teaching ability of the SFS and demonstrates the English proficiency of the students. The honor also shows the fruitful education and teaching results of the SFS, and enhances the image of the SFS in the community of translators.